Thursday, April 18th The Third Thursday April Open Mic-Hosted by Sarah Tucker 4-6 Family Friendly 6-8pm Adults Only

Music, comedy, performance art, video, its all welcome for this Third Thursday Open Mic.  
Here are the rules:  
ONLINE Presign-Up is required. Please sign up if you want to perform. Please sign up by the Tuesday before the third Thursday.  
NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES! Do as many numbers as you want but you get UP TO 15 minutes of fame.  
4-6pm is family friendly, kids and adults may perform at a pg13 or under level. 6-8pm is adults and will be a rated R or under atmosphere.  
Bring $5 cash if you are performing.  
Support the other performers by being an audience member. Great nibbles and drinks are available at the bar.  
Questions? 360-775-4154 ext. 3